I was born and raised in the tiny north woods town of Boulder Junction, Wisconsin into a very large family and became Deaf at fourteen months old. At age four, I grabbed a fake 35mm camera and pretended to be a professional wedding photographer at my older sister's wedding. As I grew older, I feel that being Deaf enhanced my visual perspective and helped ignite my passion for photography as another way of communication.

I have traveled extensively throughout America and have lived across the country including Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago and Seattle. I have also been fortunate to have traveled throughout Europe exploring the architecture and beauty there. Throughout all my travels, I have cultivated many relationships and have seen many interesting and beautiful things. My current home is in San Francisco.

I strive to keep my artistic vision natural and light, occasionally including a bit of humor. I try to bring forth an array of emotions, including from fine art photography to those used in advertising. With a broader vision, I hope to capture a larger array of subjects.

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